Un Coeur Pour Giverny...
by Tanya Frazier

In the footprints of Monet

Un Coeur Pour Giverny Excursions

french excursions in giverny


About your French excursions in Giverny

*Be spoilt with relaxed, personalised attention and experience a quaint village following in Monet's footsteps.

*Spend 7 nights at Le Clos Fleuri Bed and Breakfast, where your hosts will provide a beautiful homely atmosphere, breakfast included.

*Celebrate with a Welcome and Farewell dinner.

*Daily lessons by Tanya in painting, sketching and drawing lessons on-site, in Monet's gardens and pretty local areas.

*Partake in simple French lessons to learn polite greetings, ordering food or drinks and directions etc.

*Two day-time visits to Monet's house, garden and souvenir shop.

*Five evening sessions in Monet's gardens. The public go home, so time to paint, sketch and for photos. Breathe the magic that is Monet's water garden. You may even hear a sweet Frog serenade! 

*An introductory visit with the "Galeriste" of La Galerie Blanche Rue Blanche Hoschede-Monet where you can view the art works and also if you wish discuss the possibility of having your artwork exhibited here.

*Free time to explore the village, shop, relax at any of the local cafes or restaurants.

*Enjoy a cooking experience. Translate, shop for ingredients and eat a traditional Normandie recipe.

Day trips included...

auver sur oise, van gogh, french excursions in Giverny

Auvers Sur Oise  

  *Take a pilgrimage to the town of Auvers Sur Oise. This is where the artist Vincent Van Gogh spent his last few months passionately painting this gorgeous village, church and the famous fields of crows near his grave. We will visit these and also the very moving small museum created from his lodging room. The visual presentation here of Vincent’s brilliant talent and very sad life, barely leaves a dry eye!

moulin de fourges, french excursions in Giverny

Moulin de Fourges

*Visit Moulin de Fourges at Fourges. Spend a wonderful day on the grassed area in front of a 200 year old mill built as a replica of a village near Versailles where Marie Antoinette spent her time in a relaxed country style. This mill with a paddle on the side, sends the River Epte rushing past. This beauty makes for an exciting subject to paint and photograph. 

french excursions in giverny

Inclusions, Dates and Costs

Your 7 day Giverny Experience… 

Check in Sun to check out Sun

Cost per person per week:

  • Indicative prices are: Australian dollar rate $2750 AUD share or $3300 AUD single accommodation with a non-refundable portion of $800 AUD to secure place. 
  • Euro rate 1750 euro share or 2100 euro single accommodation with a non-refundable portion of 550 euro to secure place.

Courses include:

  • Welcome and farewell dinners
  • Breakfast each day
  • Lessons and written materials for basic French, drawing and painting in impressionist style
  • Ingredients for simple cooking lesson of a traditional Normandie recipe
  • Two tickets for a day entry into Monet’s House and Gardens
  • Five tickets for afternoon entry as an Artists into Monet’s House and Gardens
  • Day trip to Auvers Sur Oise, transport to village and entry into Van Gogh’s Museum, and
  • Day trip to Moulin de Fourges, transport to village.

Course costs to be met by participant:

  • Painting materials, easels
  • Photographic equipment
  • Snacks, lunches, drinks or meals at picnics, external cafes, restaurants or bars, and
  • Insurance for participant

Terms and Conditions

  • Un Coeur Pour Giverny excursions are conducted by Tanya Frazier of Addicted to Colour, ABN 25518720249.
  • It is not a tour company or a registered brand and therefore does not possess insurances.
  • You will be met in, and escorted through, Giverny, (unless additional transport arrangements have been organised at the cost of the participant) and whilst all duty and care will be taken, you are not covered by insurance by Tanya Frazier.
  • Insurance is paid for by the participant and required independently of Tanya Frazier.
  • Due to the nature of the insurance for the hired car, the participant is not covered by the insurance of the vehicle. Please ensure that you have coverage in your travel insurance for this portion of the travel, should any unforeseen event incur loss of property, damage or bodily harm.
  • The guarding, handling and insuring of the participant’s property is solely the responsibility of the participant. Whilst all care will be taken, it is not the responsibility of Tanya Frazier or Le Clos Fleuri
  • Participant must be fully insured for medical and cancellation fees at point of booking.
  • Participant is required to exercise a duty of care in Monet’s house and gardens.
  • Cost of transfers from airport to Giverny.
  • Costs of personal trips to Vernon for provisions or medical needs, however, can be discussed at time.

Pay a $800 AUD Non refundable deposit now! Click on the link below!
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