Un Coeur Pour Giverny...
by Tanya Frazier

In the footprints of Monet

Customer Testimonials

"A couple of years ago I was asked as an Aussie living in Giverny would I like to meet this young artist from Australia. Well Tanya is such a beautiful person you can only accept her straight away as a good and dear friend. She is an excellent artist devoted to Monet and Giverny. I can only pray that she will be able to get her visa this year so that she can finally devote all her energy and love to her work and her new life in Giverny."
- Danielle Fouche, Owner,  B&B Giverny, France

"I have known Tanya for 12 years. I have seen and own many of her wonderful art works which includes painting, jewellery and photography. I have always had great fun with Tanya whilst she taught me beading and painting.  She has a great sense of design and composition. I felt quiet and serene during lessons. She always got around to everyone in the class and gave a great deal of her time, wisdom and got me to the right side of the brain quickly which is the artistic side of the brain"

- Liz Lane, Striving Artist, Millthorpe, NSW, Australia

"I first met Tanya on Instagram thru a mutual friend... I had a trip to Paris planned for September 2014. .. and a long time dream to visit Giverny!! So I finally met Tanya in person when she met me at the entrance to Monets Garden in Giverny. Tanya very kindly devoted a whole day to showing me around the garden, the best spots to be to get good photographs etc, and we had lunch at the beautiful local hotel. Tanya is a very kind, patient and gentle soul and is soooo passionate about Monet, his garden and Giverny. I am sure a week or two in Giverny with Tanya would be an experience not to be forgotten...."

- Chris Whitton, Photographer, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

"I have had painting, sketching and jewellery making classes with Tanya. I can say that Tanya is very patient with her teaching and is always positive in whatever she does. Has a fantastic knowledge of what she teaches and is very generous in helping out with supplies. If you feel you can't do anything right, Tanya will quickly tell you that you have to be positive as we are all different. Highly recommend her as a very qualified teacher..."

- Judy, Blayney, NSW, Australia

So, ever thought of taking this art tour? You'd be asking yourself; what's Tanya like?. I'd certainly want to know that my tour host is going to give me value for money. 

Earlier this year my wife and her mum toured the UK and much of Europe with well known tour companies. When they were in Paris and had a free day, they touched base with Tanya Frazier and went to visit her in Giverny. Tanya gave them a day to remember - a day in the life of a local Giverny-ian. Well, of all the amazing things they had done on the 6 week holiday, the both reported that a day with Tanya in Giverny was a highlight. She has impressed herself into the hearts of many of the locals, and really has become one herself - if thats possible. She has knowledge and access to Giverny and district unlike many other 'tour hosts'. I know Tanya and she is a warm and friendly person with a level of professionalism that will ensure your experience will not only be personable, but great value for money. Give it a go. You will not regret your time. Colin 

 - Colin, Blayney, NSW, Australia

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