Un Coeur Pour Giverny...
by Tanya Frazier

In the footprints of Monet

What I Luv to Do!

Monet's house and gardens, painting lessons, french excursions in giverny,

Un Coeur Pour Giverny Excursions

Ever dreamt of painting in Monet's gardens?

Or living in a French village?

An intimate experience awaits you...

if you follow your heart! Painting lessons in a dream location!

painting lessons

Painting Lessons

I am available to give adults or children painting lessons, in the basics of drawing and painting. 

I can do this as a one-on-one basis or why not get a group of friends together. 

Little still life studies of ornaments, fruit and champagne perhaps make for a fun time!

Creations to buy

You can purchase and view my latest works in the webstore

painting lessons